PI: Prof Christophe Phillips, Ir PhD


The CRC owns several EEG recording systems, mainly from 2 companies: BrainProducts Gmbh and EGI Inc.

BrainProducts systems:

  • V-Amp amplifiers, 16 channels + bipolar ones
  • QuickAmp amplifiers, 64 channels + bipolar ones
  • BrainAmp MR amplifiers, compatible with MRI, 2 x 32 channels + 8 bipolar channel additional box + rechargeable battery system
  • Sets of electrode caps of various sizes and free electrodes for the different types of amplifiers and either “classic” or “simultaneously with fMRI acquisition” recordings

EGI system:

  • Dense array EEG amplifier with 256 channels
  • Electeode caps of various sizes for short (<2 hours) or long recording sessions.

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