PI: Dr Gaëtan Garraux, MD, PhD

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) allows a non-invasive stimulation of the brain. This technique is available for more than 20 years for research and in the clinic. TMS is sometime used as a therapeutic tool in some psychiatric or neurologic conditions.

Magnetic pulses are delivered to a restricted region of the brain surface using a coil. Depending on the protocol used, magnetic pulses will be used to induce a transient inhibition of the underlying brain region or to measure its level of inhibition or excitability. 

The CRC is equipped with the TMS Magstim rapid1 system, which allows repetitive TMS (rTMS). This device is frequently used in combination with a real time non-invasive neuronavigation system (Brainsight2) to position the coil exactly on the desired brain spot.

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