Pre-clinical studies

PI: Prof. Alain Plenevaux

Technology platform

The Preclinical Imaging Lab provides the first in vivo testing of the novel radiotracers developed at the CRC. All of the necessary characterization of novel radiotracers is performed on site, including proof-of-concept in (and ex) vivo binding, displacement and occupancy studies.

MicroPET imaging with novel tracers or imaging for research with existing tracers is performed on the Siemens Concorde Focus 120 microPET. This scanner provides us with high resolution (1.3mm) dynamic data for in depth kinetic modeling.Online blood measurements and in-brain positron-emission measurements can also be made using our Swisstrace beta microprobe system.Finally, structural coregistration is provided by a GE CT120 in vivo microCT system. A high-field preclinical MRI will be added to the lab in late 2011.

Fully quantitative PET data is possible thanks to our team of physicists, and small animal work is handled by our preclinical in vivo team, which handles the necessary microsurgery and ensures that our animals are in optimum condition during and between scans.

Ongoing studies in the lab utilize tracers produced at the CRC including 18F-FDG and 18F-fallypride for the study of glucose metabolism and the dopaminergic system, respectively. We welcome contact from potential collaborators with an interest in these and other tracers. We also welcome potential collaborators with an interest in microCT. Methods immediately available include in vivo lung function measurement, tumour growth tracking and bone analysis. Our most recent addition to the lab is an in vivo rodent telemetry system from Telemetry Research which will be used in studies of stress.

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